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Magnum Air Force All Season

The next generation of inflatable awnings

The ‘Magnum Air Force’ range is the very latest designed multifunctional Air Awning by StarCamp which allows each camper to use in multiple combinations to suit their individual need and is perfect for those short breaks. You can start with the 260cm base model on its own for an overnight stay or there is also the option to zip in 270cm metre Additional Extension (AddEx) left and right which can then extend the 260 base model to 530cm left or right or 800cm if left and right AddEx are both fitted. The same AddEx’s can also be fitted to the 390 Base which increases size to 660cm left or right or even an eye watering 930cm if both AddEx’s are fitted allowing the camper additional space for those unexpected visitors. The versatility of this new Air awning is that it gives the ideal solution to the camper who requires a different awning for different uses at different times, making it the perfect choice.

Magnum Air Force All Season

Features Magnum Air Force All Season

Height: Designed to fit caravans from 235-255 cm in height
Magnum Air Force 260: 260 x 280 cm base
Magnum Air Force 390: 390 x 280 cm base
Magnum Air Force AddEx: 270 x 280 cm base
Roof beading: Width + 2 x 20 cm
Roof and wall material: Ten Cate All Season designer awning fabric, heavy quality coated polyester
Front panels: 2 or 3 roll up panels
Side panels: Door both on the left and righthand side

  • Mesh ventilation doors in both side panels
  • Ventilation above and under in the side panels which can be closed

Frame: Easy Air Frame tubes
Available colour: charcoal/grey
Magnum Air Force 260: approx. 27 kg
Magnum Air Force 390: approx. 37 kg
AddEx: approx. 13 kg
Special features:

  • Supplied with rear legs and sewn in cushion pads to create a perfect seal between caravan and awning
  • All seams are taped
  • Standard with Safe Lock straps

Optional extra:

  • AddEx
  • Inner tent
  • Roof lining
  • Sun Canopy

The ideal awning for short breaks


Magnum Air Force 260 All Season 260 × 280 cm  1499.- 1049.-
Magnum Air Force 390 All Season 390 × 280 cm  1784.- 1249.-
AddEx left or right All Season 270 × 280/205 cm  713.- 499.-
Sun Canopy MAF 260 AS   107.- 75 
Sun Canopy MAF 390 AS   127,- 89,-
Inner tent Magnum Air Force 260/390   84.- 59.-
Inner tent AddEx left/right   99.- 69.-
Roof lining Magnum Air Force 260   41.- 29.-
Roof lining Magnum Air Force 390   64.- 45.-
Roof lining AddEx left/right   37.- 26.-

Magnum Air Force 390 All Season window blinds closed

Magnum Air Force 390 All Season window blinds closed

Magnum Air Force 390 All Season with AddEx

Magnum Air Force 390 All Season with AddEx

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